8. september 2011  
  Malta, Sicilia, Sardinia

The distance from Greece to Malta was tilbakelegt the respectable time of 5.8 knots on average. A little diesel we use, but for the most part, we had very favorable winds, which meant that we got all the way on starboard tack. We arrived at Valletta in Malta after dark, and there is always a challenge in large cities - guys "drown" in all the other lights on shore. But we arrived safely.

We had organized a very good system for diving in three days when one of the days in Gozo. We were picked up at the marina each morning and brought back after the end of diving.

In Malta there is diving on wrecks and caves that are the focus, and this they have plenty of. Islands are like Jarlsberg cheese and they have paved the way for exciting diving through the controlled, slow boats to create artificial reefs and interesting experiences. We had with us two great wrecks.

Ambrejack - a pelagic fish in the tuna family. It comes to the coast to chase schools of small fish. It can be up to 40 cm. long and is very fast. As the diving takes place in the reserves, many of the species apparently fearless facing divers.


Large, slow grouper. This is very site-specific fish, and you'll scare it, it will be back in place after a short time. This is an excellent food fish, but in Malta, most dive sites protected - no hunting!