17. september 2011  
  The first stage of Preveza, Greece to Provence, France

Sailed distance: 1070 nautical mil

We are four onboard during this first stage. For without the sailing itself, the throughput of all the technology a significant factor. The boat is equipped with wireless instruments from Tacktick. This is a revolution - not a cable for instruments powered by solar energy. The engine had a very thorough review of Greece, and we have installed a power unit that is essential when we eventually get into both wind and towing generators. The experience so far is that all estimates of power under sail and anchor untenable, and that we should do without power as an energy producer. It gives the passages!

The crossing to Malta went as smoothly. We had at times very good wind, and it came from the north and northeast. It gave us the cross and the veil on a neck the whole distance of 350 mil.

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In Malta and Gozo were diving for all the money. We thought it would have been NOK atskillilg better visibility and a more "bounce" in the dive sites, but we must take into account that we NOK has become a bit blase with time - caves of Kefalonia last year, rødehav, Norway's west coast + +. Valetta was a city that is worth the many days in. that we had not and had to set course towards Secilia after three days of diving in Malta.

Calls at the Port of Secilia was Trapani - a large and busy port, but with good facilities and a city with all that is necessary. We were lying next to a 30-meter sailboat, so we spilled our young for a while. One of the crew of the sailboat had been working on Røkke former motor yacht.

Weather forecasts varied enormously, and was not reliable. First, it gave us a likely port of call on the Isola di Ponza - an island which lies close to the coast of Italy (Naples), but then turned the wind several times, and we fell back on the island of Sardinia as a port of call. It was almost just a "stop over" because this is a fairly uspennende area. But we had at times really good wind. The wind was well up the eastern coast of Sardinia, and we swung back Porto Cervo to take a look at the extremes of luxury and "glam". When we were well satisfied of this, we set course towards the appointed ice pilot Let Madde Lena - a great island in the middle of the nature reserve of Costa Smeralda. We took a couple of nights here.

After a short seildag, with lunch and swimming break at the southern tip of Corsica, we call one of the very finest and most spectacular harbors, we have seen in the Mediterranean - Bonefacio. This is a unique harbor with a city that climbs unique in the mountains, great food and a story that is worth reading. For a period, this was also the Foreign Legion training base and headquarters. After two days of sightseeing and diving, we headed towards the capital of Corsica - Ajaccio.

On the outside of the rock in it carved a stone staircase into the cliff wall. It counts 189 steps, passing from that part of town that is located on the top and down to the sea. Ned is fine, but up is worse!

Ajaccio is a large city, but seems small and intimate, if one chooses the marina which is located in the old town under the castle. It was a glorious place to be.