24. september 2011  
  Waterway between the Mediterranean and Norsjø ends in Port Saint-Louis

Continuous waterway is clear for those who want to avoid the Atlantic Coast and Bay of Biscay. With hundreds of locks and at least tigangeren in the number of bridges, canals parts of Europe in two. Depending on where your bow is pointing, then start or stop waterway right where we are now - in the Port Saint-Louis in Provence. The channels start in the city Lauwersoog in the Netherlands, and go through Belgium and France. Somewhere on the road joins the duct system from the western part of France itself, for those who still choose Biscay to pick up some great Medoc wines.

The commercial traffic is almost gone. Only in the outlets at each end there is significant commercial activity. How this looks in the north, we have not seen, but the area around the Rhone discharge in the Mediterranean are industrial, commercial and industrial again. This is not a charming part of France Bronderslev whether Provence! Oljeterminale replaces container ports and ro-ro ships requires almost every square mile of water - just to keep away.
Port Saint-Louis is marked by lying on a mud beat in the main delta of France's largest river. There is not much that track to development, but the little town has everything you need. The area has also evolved to become significant within leisure services. We are located at Port Napoléon - a top marina with a service and an organization I have not seen anywhere. Prices reflect yet the coast in general. It is reasonably priced here, and many use this as winter. But prices will probably increase with the increasing publicity and success.

Facts about the channel:

Minimum depth 1,6 metres
Free air height Maximum 2.4 metres (so, down the masts and bend your neck!)
Maximum width of the boat 5,5 metres
Bridges Almost all the bridges are fixed. Swing and løfebroer are the exceptions