October 3rd, 2011  
  Marseille to Barcelona

Sailed distance: 230 nautical miles

Stage is short, but we had a long stay on land in Port Napoléon for inspection of the rudder and various assembly tasks. It is not denied that we were a little nervous when Camelot was on the water again. The day before broke one of four wire of the lifting crane, and a 50 ton motor boat went into free fall in the ocean. It was not so good, but we got on the water without a scratch the next day, and with a tube that is more than the inspection. We are relieved that there was no nonsense. The rudder we could trust, and therefore we were forced to make the few degrees that differed in the trick.

The distance was marked by moderate winds and plenty of genakerseiling. Absolute wind at 14-15 knots, it was serkeste

Costa Brava is a great area for sailing. Often it is good (many times very well) with the wind here. Tramontana come from the northwest - not unlike Mistral that prevail further east. Tramontana is unpredictable. Within half an hour to the sea going from calm to over 40 knots - one should be aware. As a rule the waves just before the wind. But we did not "pleasure" of the Tramontana this time.

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Off the coast of the Roses was the jellyfish invasion. Certainly, Barell Jellyfish harmless, but it should know about, because it does not look very good.

Last port of Barcelona was Puerto Blanes. This is a really good place - no room for so many boats, but we did know the date early. A real vacation spot with everything one could want, and also especially pleasing surroundings.


Costa Brava coast, similar to the Balearic Islands. Hundreds of small beaches, Cala (bays), beautiful vegetation and rugged cliffs. This is a sail area we cheek tilbaragt many weeks - and so do the Spanish. It is very crowded here even though the season is long over. But the water temperature is still holding good 23 degrees.

We are pleased mass schools of tuna that chased smaller fish. This is a rare sight in the Mediterranean Sea, but a nice sign that this ocean is not completely dead.

So we came to Barcelona. A huge port. We drove our way, and hvanet in a backwater with this size boat. We had to drive 5 nautical mil to get out and into the part of the Barcelona port which is designed for our size.

Well positioned at the dock started working again. Now it was the installation of new løygang, and it is no small job. The bolts that secure the rail to the deck is obviously continuous. The entire roof inside the salon had to be taken down. This is installed as flooring in the entire length of both sides, and must be removed accordingly. Ned is one thing, but again was something else entirely. But løygangen is in place and the roof looks like nothing has happened.