8. October 2011  
  Barcelona is a huge city for a small boat!

It is approaching one week at mooring space E45 in Port Vell now. We have been to big cities before, but never by boat. Coming to cities along the coast by boat make different demands on infrastructure than if you come from the road. On smaller sites this is usually never a problem, but Barcelona has a completely different experience. There is no doubt that everything - absolutely everything can be arranged here. But you must go and go and go infinite distance for the smallest screw. The alternative is to use the phone and order. But then you must be incredibly precise, their English is limited, and our Spanish likewise.

Despite the great conditions and lots of exercise has been done. Fuel tanks were full of "mud", and had to be cleaned. Diesel filters are changed, oil changed, løygangen are in place and all the electrical groundwork for installations in Gibraltar is completed.

We have installed a smart drain the fuel tank. Now we can manually take samples of fuel and ensure that it never left the water at the bottom of the tank. More we can not do.

Løygangen have been tired a long time and now it's replaced with powerful stories from Lewmar. Let the wind come!

In a few years it's over for us small boats in the Port Vell. Then build the port on to receive exclusive super yachts. The port is owned (rented) by Roman Abramovitsj, who need space for the five yachts her. One of them is definitely the world's largest private super yacht (see photo at left). It is perhaps part of the reason why you can buy 500 litres of engine oil, but not 5 litres!