15. oktober 2011  
  Barcelona to Gibraltar

Sailed distance: 586 nautical miles

This was a pure transport leg. It was here that we could recoup much of the delay, and we did. Very little, and sometimes no wind made ​​this a diesel experience. But we got the distance in one stretch - just one hour's break in Águilas to fill diesel. As the hours went by machine, we were somewhat immune to hum, but this stunt, we can not do more palates. There are large amounts of diesel, and it will be rationed in the future.

We came to Gibraltar around midnight - maneuvered us into the hundreds of tankers that were waiting for unloading. Queensway Quay Marina close physically with barge at. 21:00. That's where we were and we had to "return" to Spain. It is in the Spanish section of the bay of Gibraltar, where one can lie at anchor.

Planned departure is Saturday 22 October. Lots of work on the installation of equipment to be carried out before then.