6. november 2011  

We've been on these islands several times before, but it is a very special experience to come here by boat. The traditional tourist focus is replaced with an eye for the islands' real infrastructure. How our one such hold of a very specific screw or how it is we should buy provisions for 3 weeks at sea? It is interesting to see how efficient the underlying infrastructure is - perhaps a little surprising to our prejudice.

In port is the time for maintenance. The two Lewmar 65 winches for the genoa to be cleaned and lubricated. They are in perfect condition - despite the age of 25 years.


Canary Islands is one of 17 autonomous regions in Spain. Self-government authority must obviously reach far, the Canary Islands are not part of the EU's monetary union, and can be considered as VAT-free zone. VAT here is only 5%.

The islands are well down on the African continental shelf, and the border between Spain and Morocco is disputed. It's no more than roughly 100 km from Lanzarote to the African coast.

There is almost no vegetation of Lanzarote, and therefore nothing that captures the humid sea air from trade winds. Therefore, desalination of seawater is the only source of drinking water. Then you would think there would be restrictions on the use of fresh water, but it is not. People wash their boats for hours ...

The first charter trip from Scandinavia came to these islands already in 1955! On the island of Tenerife is the island's highest volcanic mountain - "Teide". This is the third largest isolated volcano.