30. november 2011  

The crossing of the Atlantic


2,868 nautical mil

21 days

136 nautical mil per day

5.7 knots average speed

Sail Recording: Mostly genoa II, a mainsail and initially genaker

Day 1, Tuesday night 9 November "Departure"

Depart Puerto Calero 21:00. We will visit Gran Canaria to retrieve anchor chain and replace the batteries. It will be sailing straight into the ARC circus.

Day 2, Wednesday 9 November, "Run"

Wind poor day with pleasant cloud cover. We sail in 3 to 3.5 knots - not fast, but in the right direction. Sea is flat - just with some tough, old swell from the west. We fish, but sennsynligvis enough speed to fool anyone. It read. The weather forecast indicates more wind from Saturday off. right now we sail with genaker. It is the only sail that has a chance to stand in the weak wind. We have 5-8 knots wind over the stern, and it does not provide much power. We are a little tired. After the third day, there are better and there is NOK well there is more wind than it is. There were school kids in the cockpit today. I am a bit worried about genakerfallet rolls so easily in the top of the mast as it should (always a bit wary), but we can not control when we are in the sea.

Day 3, Thursday 10th November, "The crazy seagull"

NOK a day with limited wind. We have had between 6 and 10 knots from the northeast throughout the night and day. It is not to rejoice over, yet we have completed approx. 100 nautical mil. There has been a quiet day with under other traffic - not one other boat, we have seen today. But when I was on the foredeck and was rigging genaker, there was an insane and very aggressive seagulls. It repeatedly dived down towards me, and eventually I had to protect myself with a landing net. It did not help either, and it fell down just inches from me constantly. I was seriously worried that it would take me. Gull bite is to laugh at home, but not here. I got a hit. Seagull ended his crazy life there and then. A bit brutal, but that was it or me!

Day 4, Friday 11 November, "Squall and killer whale"

The last day has been marked by high winds and fresh sailing. "Squall" is a weather phenomenon often meet in the open sea. It is simply concentrated low pressure of high winds and heavy precipitation. They will be accompanied by cold fronts. The wind may reach gale force, but we got no more than 25 knots, which is a strong breeze. Often there is a point to avoid squalls, which seems well on the radar up to 30 mil away, but for us it gave the perfect booster we've been waiting for. A real piece of 140 mil was done in one day. Just before sunset we were visited - two killer whales! The weather through the night was so rough that we slept in shifts in the cockpit.

Day 5, Saturday 12 November, "Perfect sailing"

Veil with 12 to 15 knots from 20 to 40 degrees aft cross is perfect. We have had this day. The boat was surfing through the temperate Atlantic with a speed up to over 8 knots. After a wonderful dinner (Camelot is probably best Atlantic galley crew and menu), it was time for Saturday well. Yesterday, there was no weather for candy!

Day 6, Sunday 13 November, "Father's Day"

Through the night was a little engine running to recharge the batteries. We passed through some rain showers for 2-3 hours, and there was absolutely no wind. The morning started with super genakerseiling and surprises for dad.

Day 7, Monday 14 November, "patties, fried potatoes, green salad and fresh baked garlic bread"

We sailed the starboard tack all night, but the sunrise was this ne unsustainable course. We jibet and headed straight south to the trade belt. It gave us the perfect veil. As today's headline indicates: This board is your diet first. Every day new flavors of fresh ingredients and professional management with shades from all corners of the world. Vibeke is "king" in the galley! We have added fishing. Sometimes it goes too fast, and we should have something we would NOK failed to get it on board. We can not exactly a priority to take down the sails.

Day 8, Tuesday 15 November, "Soon, 2,000 nautical mil again"

Although we are well into a kind of Trance Atlantic, so we look at the calendar, and we are planning what to do in the Caribbean.

Day 9, Wednesday 16 November, "A day like the other"

Good wind, surf waves and nice atmosphere brings us closer and closer. It read passionately in the boat. Book after book is consumed - Julia and Oscar lead.

Day 10, Thursday 17 November "Autopilot"

Two powerful bang in the cockpit! No doubt - we had no autopilot anymore. Now just to clear up the head, and assess the impact, risk and implementation. It is 2,000 nautical mil again - it's about two weeks of sailing. Will we do it with just two behind the helm for 14 days? What if one of us have trouble, so there is only one of us can control. The answer to what we know: It's not! Therefore, under the pressure we are quite a few rather existential thoughts, and made them the topic of conversation. We obtained also the humor to excess - sometimes so much that the kids thought we were crazy.

Day 11, Friday 18 November "Speed ​​Record"

Grisgod wind and perfect waves gave us speed record today. 12.4 knots is fast for this boat.

Day 12, Saturday 19 November "In Christopher Columbus 'wake'

Every time Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic from east to west, he followed the same route. It runs from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to waypoint 20 ° North 030 ° West. When he reached this point he changed his course to the west. Today we came tildette point. This is also the point where the old tradition says that "sail south until the butter melts on the table, changed course to due west."

Day 13, Sunday 20 November "Halfway"

Actually this should have been a happy moment, but our Atlantic crossing has been a little different than planned because we have to control manually. Therefore, it is really quite exhausting to think that we are only halfway, because it means we are less than half way to our stage for manual control.

Day 14, Monday 21 November "Tropical Heat"

Now we are in the trade wind! The boat dries completely. All that is called wood is smooth, and at night there are no signs of condensation. Delicious! We are approaching the target, even if we see that it is still well over one week left.

Day 15, Tuesday 22 November "A day like the other"

We sail smooth forward. We can not fish now. We have more than NOK to steer the ship in shifts, but we have found a sustainable model for sharing day between us, and we have been professional in the "power napping".

Day 16, Wednesday 23 November "Dreams of food and land"

Now the desire for countries to sign up. Children have the competition to get as much candy as possible, and to draw all your favorite cakes of their dreams.

Day 17, Thursday 24 November "iPod sync"

iPod is the gold! We are replacing playlists constantly, and at night, this is the only voices that keep one awake.

Day 18, Friday 25 November "Pancake batter in the bilge"

Children should be surprised, and the last two eggs will be made pancakes. so it should not be! Three liters of eggs ran out after an acrobatic leap in a big wave. It was a real downer, and a challenge in a later energy poverty everyday.

Day 19, Saturday 26 November "All old storms from the Atlantic gather themselves"

In the sea east of Barbados, in an area of ​​several hundred nautical mil, is a special natural phenomenon. Here gathered the remnants of storms in the North Atlantic and South Atlantic. That means big waves and currents from absolutely everywhere. The boat thrown around 180 degrees before you know it, and this makes the last one hundred nautical miles especially demanding.

Day 20, Sunday 27 November "Now we go hour shifts through the night"

Because of the demanding conditions of current and waves from all directions, we are now extremely short shifts. The night is divided into hour shifts - just NOK to recover for one hour at the helm. When the sun comes up is no problem, but at night it is almost impossible not to fall asleep at the helm now.

Day 21, Monday 28 November "We see the end"

In the worst case, we run the engine last piece, and we now see that we are going to do it. We have fuel for 300 nautical mil in reserve. Now you just have to endure the last hours, and to rely on the GPS is not connected down for the occasion. GPS is our only reliable reference to find Barbados - a low island, it is impossible to spot until we are close.

Day 22, Tuesday 29 November "One day left"

This calculation makes us excited. Now we have just one night with management again!

Day 23, Wednesday 30 November, "Escape from thunder storms"

Dense cloud cover, moist and warm air gives perfect groforhold for thunderstorms, and we got tonight. The dark sky was torn up around us continually, but we found an escape route that allowed us salpp well away - this time. Lightning strikes the boat is fatal. One can not assume that a single electrical component works by such an attack.

The time is 6:10 p.m. local time, and we see the country !!!!!

The time is 21:00 and the anchor is deep under the sea grass in Bridgetown, Barbados. We are promoting - and in the morning arriving friends, who will sail with us Atnigua. Perfect timing!