18. desember 2011  
  Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua

English Harbour is located southeast of Antigua - a perfect place for landfall when coming from the south or the crossing of the Atlantic.

Late in the 1600s were English Harbour Centre of the British establishment of a naval base in Antigua. From its position on the south side of the island, they could monitor the French island of Guadeloupe. The harbor is extremely well suited to protect the ship and cargo from the hurricanes.

In 1671, the first recorded ship to English Harbour. There was a yacht, "Dover Castle", chartered to the King by Colonel Stroud for use by the Governor of the Leeward Islands.

Nelson's Dockyard (http://nelsonsdockyardmarina.com/)

The construction of the modern Naval Dockyard (Nelson's Dockyard) began in the 1740s. Slave workers from the sugar plantations near were sent to work on the dockyard.

One of the attractions of English Harbour is a MUST visit Sherley Hight. On Sundays all pilgrimages to the barbecue in the simple restaurant on the mountain behind the English Harbour. Here are the steel pans orchestra, grilling, rompunsj and especially strong "sundownere" on the menu. There is something magical of Sherley hight when the sun goes down over the neighboring island Montserrat 20 nautical mil away.


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