20. mars 2012  
  Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos

You are approaching an archipelago of islands you've only heard about - maybe know someone who has been on - islands that stimulates expectations of many kinds. We summarize that everything met!

Galapagos is well known for several populations of giant land tortoises. These can be said to be up to 200 years old. A special turtle is the last remaining population on an island called "Pinta Island". This is taken special care of, and it has been named "Lonesome George" (see photo below). He is estimated to be over 150 years old.

The islands have a lot of special wildlife, but the number of species is far fewer than we expected to see.

Total package Galapagos is an overwhelming positive meeting. Exciting wildlife over water and similarly exciting underwater - with sea lions in between. What may surprise us is that Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Criz is a city with a lot of infrastructure. It rests also a peace and tranquility of the place - a balance which no luxury "glam" has no place.