4. juli 2012  
  The Kingdom of Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga consists of nearly 180 islands, of which over 50 are uninhabited. The islands are divided into three groups, and it is 760 km from the southernmost to the northernmost island. The middle group has very high seismographic activity, and we are advised not to sail there. In 2001 there was a new island as a result of a volcano under the sea. We visited only the norligste archipelago - Vava'u Group.

One of the last unspoiled paradise?

The inland waters of the Vava'u is very special. Large islands and coral reefs surrounding a large area with nearly 40 different and beautiful anchorages. This is a special area. One can not call it a lagoon too many places there are over 100 meters deep under the keel. There are many small and large islands, and one anchorage is great than the other. Crystal clear water at 25 degrees, low humidity and pleasant temperatures make Tonga a paradise. Just a shame we did not get more than one week here.

True enough, danseoppvisnigner and preparation of local food prepared for tourists, and most other places, this would be "tourist traps". But here in Tonga is no hint of it. After the performance is complete mingling - local and sailors sitting on each other, and the atmosphere is balanced - all the love in everyone's company.
Lots of small dishes served in half the closing formulas of some vegetables, scattered across the table covered with banana leaves, and of course with grilled piglets are properly Tonga food. It tastes fantastic, but it takes some time until we feel completely comfortable with eating with your fingers. Anything goes, and when the food tastes as good as this does appear kkniv and fork as pure barbarism.
The trade is simple in Tonga. commodity Sterling content have a distinct that this is a nation without much external support and with very limited resources. But we feel that this is precisely what makes the Tonga so unique. People enjoy what they have, and they have the most important of a need. Why seek?