20. november 2012  

The journey from Darwin to Kupang in Indonesia is only 450 nautical mail. It took only 4 days, and the smell of jasmine rice and met us from the land when we sailed to Kupang in West Timor at night. Kupang is chaotic, exotic and very friendly. We were here for three days, and appreciated the friendly people, the great food and the composite culture. A bit tiring with the eternal negotiation of prices on absolutely everything, but it's part of the whole.

Next stop was the Komodo, where we got to experience the huge Komodo Dragon. The world's largest lizard can be 3 feet long and weigh 150 kilograms. A local ranger took us on a mission, and all he had to protect himself and us, was a long stick. We saw many dragons! At a watering hole, we observed up close game between a deer that would drink and a dragon that dominated the water hole. The deer eventually pulled away in fear of being attacked. The menu on the lizards are in fact both deer and wild boar, and it also has the comet that dragons have taken into the house in the village and all children. We would like to become longer in Komodo, but the schedule demanded that we had to travel on to Lombok and Bali.

In Lombok we visited many small craft businesses, and it was really quite amazing. In a batik workshop set around eight people in total concentration with a long piece of cloth between them. They produced beautiful patterns, in a unique collaboration. In a small village all working women with weaving in his own house. The village served as a cooperative, with an administration and an outlet.
"The Gilis" outside Lompoc invites the slow days. The small islands offers basic backpacker-tourism, with high party factor of Gili Trawangan, and mature tourism on Gili Air.Vi anchored by Gili Air. Here we had a good day with a lot of great diving.
Hindu Bali is busy, aesthetic and exciting. We were here for 14 days, and saw beautiful temples, rice terraces and generous Balinese architecture. Each house has a small temple, and sacrifices in the form of small bowls with flowers, rice and incense are placed absolutely everywhere. It unfolds a beautiful performances in the offerings placed out of ritual gestures and their prayers.
The sailing of the Java Sea and the South China Sea, has probably been the toughest so far. Not because neither wind or waves made ​​it a challenge. Wind we had virtually no. But we kept on getting knocked down by a big boat, and it happened, broke the genakeren (a big light sail) spring. We were also struck by lightning in one of the frequent thunder storms, but luckily seemed lynavlederne as they should. Gunnar and Oscar had night duty and was blinded so they could not see for several seconds. Really scary experience.

In a few days leave Nongsa Point Marina on the north coast of the island of Batam. We are just a little "swim" from Singapore now - ca. 20 nautical mil. It will be the next stop on the tour.